The Australian Sweet Co.

The original label design for The Australian Sweet Company featured one standard label with the product name being the only change made to differentiate between products. We took the original design and gave it more personality by tuning up the ‘Australian’ element of the brand. We introduced Australia's iconic birds and animals to help distinguish between products.

The Cockatoo illustrating the Candy Rock range, Little Penguins for the Tint Tots Candy and the Possum was chosen for the Aniseed Balls range. The result gives the brand more traction and wider appeal. We have just launched their new website. Take a look -


We have developed a unique card wrap (non glued) which folds around a standard hang sell bag which gives the product more stand out and allows the pack to be freestanding as well as added value.

Photography is used to re-inforce the fact the product is handcrafted and illustrate the quality of the ingredients.

We are busy at the moment developing a range of labels for the mints and spearmints range. Using a wrap over folded label which is riveted to a hang sell bag. Simple and cost effective.

Emoji style characters were developed to express the gobstopper range.

Albatross Brewing Co.

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